Throughout my writing, there is a list of people I will probably refer to often.  This is just a little intro so that you can keep up and follow along!!!


Robbie is my boyfriend and probably the most annoying of my friends!! HA!  No, seriously, he can pluck my nerves but I love him with all of my heart.  He’s six years, four months and four years younger than me.  And sometimes, I can tell, but most of the time, he’s very mature and just the sweetest person in the world to be around.  Our relationship is by no means perfect (no one’s is) but we suit one another and we make it work.

I met him about three years ago online (ACK!) and we became friends.  The more we talked, the more I liked him.  To be honest, I thought, “hey this kid will be fun to hang out with, maybe a date a little, I’m not ready for the whole relationship thing again”.  However, Robbie surprised me.  Before we met in person, I got pregnant by some assclown that decided to be MIA in his kid’s life.  I told Robbie I was pregnant and he was ok with it.  I was three months in when we started officially dating.  He was with me for the rest of my pregnancy, even watched Connor’s birth.  My aunt came in and looked at him and said “so, what are we calling you?  Daddy?”  Robbie replied, “I guess!”  He’s been a wonderful father ever since.


Oh what to say about Kat.  She’s definitely an adventure in so many ways.  Her emotions skyrocket and plummet more than anyone I know.  Of all my friends, she is my closest and the nearest to my heart.  At the risk of having so many friends going “WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!” allow me to explain.  Kat and I can sit and talk about nothing for hours.  At other times, we have deep, meaningful conversations.  She never ceases to amaze me.  On the outside, she is a strong, beautiful, confident black woman.  The inside, for those who take the time to find out, reveals a much more vulnerable and almost tortured soul.  There have been so many times I’ve wanted to fight my way into medical school to become a psychologist so I can fix what ails her.  I would give almost anything to see her happy, truly happy.

She’s working on it though and she has improved immensely.  She has the most adorable little girl, C and as much as she may not realize it, she’s a good mom!  Kat’s even found a wonderful man who suits her and treats her as she deserves.  J.D. makes her smile and I’m sooo thankful to him for that.  And if he hurts her, I’ll break his kneecaps, then his pretty little face! 🙂 Haha

Kat and I have disagreed over so many different things, but that’s what makes us unique and bonds us even more.  We never stay mad long and I think I’ve truly found a friend to last a lifetime in her.  When we go out, we laugh for hours about stuff that makes no sense to anyone else and I love that about us.


Oh what to say about Heather.  I have known her for forever!!!  She’s flighty, flirty and fun!! HA!  She has a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone in the world if she could.  She’s not always smart about men, but I think she’s finally figured it out with her man now.  He’s good to her and she knows it.  She takes care of her kids and struggles to do so virtually on her own.  Heather’s life hasn’t always been great but she doesn’t bitch about it.  She’s taken what she has learned and applied it to her life.  She knows who she is, what she wants and what she doesn’t want to become.  She loves herself no matter what and I respect her immensely for that.  I often have people ask how she and I are friends because we are so different.  I honestly believe that is what makes us so compatible.  Heather and I balance each other out.  No matter busy we might get with our lives, if we notice something wrong with the other we drop everything to make sure she is ok.  I’m positive Heather is going to be with me in my dying days and no one will ever be able to come between us.


David is not only my friend, he is my cousin.  Even if I wanted to be rid of him, I never could be!! HA!  He is the fiercest, most fabulous person I know.  Always concerned about how he looks and very health conscious, he never fails to think of others.  He comes off as a shallow, self-centered ass, but people couldn’t be more wrong.  David is simply picky of whom he chooses to share his time with and he is entitled to that.  He wants the best of everything and works himself to death to have it.  David is the reason I am as passionate as I am about Equality for Homosexuals.  He’s a very proud gay man who is not afraid to tell or who anyone his true self.  He deserves the world and if I have anything to do with it, he will have it one day and all the rights that come with it!!!  I’m hell bent on believing that he will find Mr. Perfect and when he does, he will have the right to share his life legally on paper with that man.  If I have anything to do with it, he will get his way!!


Oh, what to say about Krys.  I have known her for about five years but never met her in person.  I used to chat on Yahoo!  I love talking to and interacting with all different types of people and Krys is one that I connected with almost immediately.  She is loud, crazy, funny and just plain fun!  She never ceases to make me laugh and I can never be in a bad mood for long when I am talking to her.  She goes out of her way to make me laugh, she’s always there when I need her to be and she knows when to listen and when to comment.  She is also more than willing to kick the crap out of anyone if I need her to.  And she always, always offers!!

I am just waiting for the day when we can make a face to face meet actually happen!!


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Nice baby girl. It seems as though you have pegged your friends as only you can. I hope that each of them are able to see the beauty in themselves that you do. Keep doing you baby. Love ya!

  2. Awwww i’m sobbing over here……i love reading your thoughts your such a amazing smart caring beautiful woman and we will always be friends your my sister from another mista ….lol

    Love Ya

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