As you already know, I’m Amanda.  I have three beautiful children Dalton, 10, Ellie, 7 and Connor, 2.  They are the highlight of my life and mean the world to me.  I’m thirty years old and have lived in the same place my entire life.  It is an area without much to do so one has to find other things to occupy one’s time.  I have a lot to say about a lot of things and this is my forum to do so.  You do not have to like my opinion or agree with it, but I do ask you to respect as I will yours.  I’m not opposed to a healthy debate provided their is no name calling or degradation.  If someone replies to my post with an opinion you do not care for, feel free to respond as long as you do so respectfully.  If there’s a topic you want to hear my opinion feel free to ask me to write about it and I will.  I look forward to spouting off for you!!


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