A little how-to for you liars.

Apparently, some people never learn. They make the same mistakes over and over again and lie about it. Here’s the thing, you really should get your shit together and figure out what is you want before you’re left cold and alone. However, since you’re obviously not going to do that, here are a few tips so you don’t get caught next time.

1. Do not leave your Facebook left signed in on the computer of the girl who are lying to. She WILL go through your shit. As you learned. You get a point here.

2. Do NOT leave your phone lying around where it can be accessed by anyone. 

3. If you’re going to leave it laying around, LOCK it. Smartphones have this feature for a reason. To keep deceived women from getting into your phone. Technology really does make it so easy to be a dog. Hmmm…

4. If you are not going to lock your phone, DELETE the messages that prove you are a dirty, shady mother fucker. Otherwise, said woman might just happen to read your phone and find all of the shit you’ve been up to.

5. NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances tell a woman you love her while you’re also telling three other women. 

6. Learn who you have to lie to and who you don’t. I don’t care if you want to sleep with every woman this side of the Mason-Dixon (which apparently you do), JUST TELL ME! 

7. If you are in the process of regaining someone’s trust, going behind that person’s back AGAIN is probably not going to win you any points.

8. And this is the best piece of advice I can give to a liar… DO NOT LIE! STOP DOING SHADY SHIT! Grow up. Be a man. You’ll earn a hell of a lot more respect in this world.


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