Turn that frown upside down…

There was a time that whenever I heard this song, I could not do anything but cry. The first note would hit the radio and a tear would come to my eye. I would drive down the road, staring out of my windshield through wet eyes, wiping tears from my face. I always associated this song with a certain man leaving my life. However, I came to learn that this song means something different, something more.
Last night, as I was driving home from work, this song came on the radio. I turned it up, and just listened, thinking “oh great, here come the tears”. Much to my surprise, the tears ever came. Instead, I could do nothing but smile. As I listened to the lyrics, I remembered the night that this song became that special song.
I was sitting in front of a 7-11 on Broad Street. I had just left work and was driving the man I was dating at the time home. I had first heard the song about a month prior and asked him to learn it for me. He was one hell of a singer. He had been listening to and singing this song like ten times a day every day for two weeks and never gotten it perfect.
So here we are, in the car and he’s just singing away. Only this time, he nailed it. The one part he always faltered on, he hit perfectly and his face just lit up. It was liking looking into the face of an eight year old boy at Christmas who had just gotten the one thing he’d always wanted. He was so proud of himself. That is one of my most favorite moments spent with this man.
Last night as I listened to the song and smiled, I pictured his face. His smile always filled me with joy. In that moment, I knew his pride was not only about him, but me too. He did that for me. He learned and sang that song at Karaoke because I asked him to. And that is one of the sweetest things a man has ever done for me. For that and all of the memories, I thank him.


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