Have a little fun with it!!!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m going to take some time to explain exactly what it is I do for a living. My title is poker tournament director. It sounds pretty straight forward and it is. I walk into a bar or restaurant, set up tables with cards and chips, and people sit down to play poker. During the course of a tournament, I keep track of blinds (time and amount), and keep track of who goes out when. If I’m not in the game, I deal the game when it is down to six people until the end. The next day, I go onto the computer and I enter points into my league’s database. The points accumulate and people get to play in seasonal tournaments for seats in poker tournaments at casinos or for cash. My job is simple and fun. Well, it should be fun.

Free poker in Virginia has a fairly large following. There are quite a few leagues and quite a few tournament directors. I’m sure all of them will tell you the same thing I’m telling you in this blog. There are players that I love to see come out and play. They sit down, they have a good time, and they make the experience enjoyable. There are also the players that you dread to see come out. They take things too seriously. They cause issues and drama. They bring down the mood of the entire game. For the most part, these players are few and far between. However, just seeing their faces can be a game changer. Even more so, a mood changer. I understand poker is a competition and everyone wants to win. Honestly though, at the end of the day, we all know this is NOT the World Series of Poker and none of us are professionals. We are just a large group of people that share a love of the game and want to have fun playing it.

I have seen people yell and scream at one another. I have seen people throw fists. I have seen families not speak for months at a time. All over FREE poker. I understand the frustration in losing and losing bad. I understand the frustration when someone calls your pocket aces with 2/4 off and flushes or straightens out on you. It happens, it is poker. We can all say all day long that we never make bad calls or we would not play the same way in a game for money but we all know that that is bullshit. We see cards, we figure out our mood, we study our chip stack, we look at who is in the hand and we determine from there whether or not we are going to play the off suit trash in our hand at that given moment. In any given league, on any given night, you’re going to have sharks and you’re going to have donkeys. I personally do not believe the free poker is any indication of the quality of a player. At the end of the day, no one cares who the best is. Monthly winners get bragging rights for a couple of days. Tournament winners get a day of glory on the trip of their choice or spending the money they won in said tournament. Honestly, does your life change because you won poker in a free league?

My point is this. Calm down. Don’t take it too seriously. Start having fun and your game will improve. At the end of every month, you won’t have the stress and headache of taking people out or people taking you out and getting more points than you. Free poker is a form of entertainment. We are here to provide fun and laughs, not stress and tears. Yes, we all want to win as much as the next guy, but the world does not end if we don’t. I can’t guarantee you a win at any of my games, but I can guarantee you’ll leave in a great mood from having a great time. Save the serious play and attitude for the day you finally make it to the big leagues. 😉 


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