For my soul mate, Heether!!

We go through life thinking there is one person for us all. That one great love who will make us happy and we’ll get forever with. Why does our soul mate have to be a lover? I don’t think that is necessarily always the case. I’m convinced that the one person in my life that is not family that will always be there no matter what is my best friend Heather. She’s stood by me through a marriage, a separation, three kids, sooo many broken hearts, losing three good friends. You name it, Heather has been there for it. I’m convinced there is not a better friend. Even when she has her own shit, she makes sure I’m doing ok and that I don’t need anything. She is the ONLY friend I’ve ever had that has not been selfish. And for all of those reasons, I love her dearly and will fight to the death for her.
So often in this life we let things and people go without them knowing what we think and what they mean to us. This was just my way of telling Heather thank you for all that she does for me.


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