Hypocrisy, much?!

Why is it that humans are so quick to point out flaws in everyone else, but we never see the same things in ourselves? I’m truly sick of watching people call others out on the behavior that they exhibit on a consistent basis. It used to be funny to be, now it’s just aggravating. Everyone has seen it and everyone has done it. Go to a bar and watch the way women behave. The chick with her boobs hanging out the most is commenting on the chick across the room with the shortest skirt on. “That bitch has to be half naked to get attention from men”! HEY, LOOK AT YOUR BOOBS HANGING OUT!! Chances are, if you’re calling someone an attention whore, you are doing it for one of two reasons: a) you are pissed she is getting more attention than you, or b) you are doing it to get attention. In most cases you are doing it for both reasons. Ignore the fact that women are using the wrong assets to get attention; that’s truly another blog entirely. Women get in fights over this thing all the time. They are catty, vindictive and just evil sometimes; especially when it comes to men! Look,if it’s a big enough deal that a man says hi to me, you can have him. I’m not going to fight over it. However, do not get mad at me if I’ve done nothing to warrant or encourage the attention. Be woman enough to tell me that it pisses you off, though. Sadly, so many women usually are not. And if he is YOUR man, then talk to him about the issue; don’t get pissy with me! 

My point is this… examine your OWN behavior before calling someone else out on their’s. Yes, I’m guilty of this too and it is something I’m working on. Step back, take a look at what you do before coming down on someone else for doing the same thing. Hypocrisy gets you nowhere in this life!


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