True Romance

So often, we hear women complain about wanting to be romanced.  “I want to get flowers for no reason.”, “I want to be swept off my feet… romantic dinner, a weekend away, anything!”.  Since when does romance have to cost so much money?  Think about it: a dozen roses costs on average about 25 bucks, dinner out runs about forty to fifty per couple for a nice restaurant, and weekends away can cost hundreds of dollars.  Ladies, why is it that we expect our men to spend that much money on us all of the time?

Romance is not about the price, it’s about the gesture.  Wouldn’t a handpicked flower be much more romantic?  Or even a home cooked meal?  My most romantic evening ever happened just last night.  I slow danced with him on my back porch to MP3s playing on my phone.  Then we went out into the yard and laid in the wet grass staring at the stars in the rain.  It was a light rain, but it was still beautiful.  The entire time, this man sang to me in that beautiful voice of his.  None of that cost a penny.  It was simple, yet beautiful.  And it was all spontaneous.

I understand that not all men think to make gestures like this.  However, as women, we know that if do not tell them what we want, sometimes they will never get it.  Just sit and think back on all of the things your man has done for you.  There is romance somewhere along the way if you are still with him.  It doesn’t always come in the form of flowers or food.


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