Screw you Mother Nature!!!!!!!!!!!

So, in three days I’m going to Nags Head, North Carolina.  YAY!! Right?  Oh hell no.  Here comes Mother Nature pissed off at the East Coast for whatever God forsaken reason.  She decides not only to shake us all with like six earthquakes and aftershocks, but she’s going to plant Irene’s ass right on top of us too!  What I want to know is which one of you lousy punks pissed her off?!?!  Fess up to it now so we can let her know you are sorry and she will forgive you sending Irene back out to sea on her merry little way.  This is not too much to ask.  I just want a nice, peaceful, DRY week on the beach.  Waves, sand, my children.  Come on… WORK WITH ME HERE PEOPLE!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Screw you Mother Nature!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mother nature has a way of letting us all know where we rate in the scheme of things. Now matter how smart we are, she humbles us quick. I say.. Welcome Irene. I want to test my strength. lol

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