Which is louder… Actions or Words????

So, we are taught as we grow up “Do as I say, not as I do”.  Then as we get older we here the old adage “Actions speak louder than words”.  Which bit of wisdom holds stronger and holds more truth.  I suppose they are two different contexts, but they still breed confusion.  When dealing with individuals we want to be able to look them in their eye and know they are being honest about their words.  We want to be able to look at someone and admire them for what they do.  We as humans read these actions as signals regarding what they are feeling, thinking, and saying.  So what do we do when the actions tell you something different than their words.  The dilemma comes in when the words and actions do not match.  Mixed signals come out and chaos ensues.

Every day you hear someone say, “well he says he loves me but he just doesn’t show it anymore”.  So are we to believe that this person does still have feelings or do we use their actions as a guide.  Are we reading signals wrong or is this person really lying to your face when they speak these words to you?  In a world where trust is so hard to come by, it’s a shame that people cannot be more open and honest.  Make your words match your actions.  If you love someone, do not just say it, show it in everything you do, every day of your life and in every way you can.

Few of you will understand why I am posting this.  For those that do not, I will give you a hypothetical situation.  A man and a woman meet and agree to terms regarding their situation.  Granted, this sounds like a business deal but it is not.  It’s a simple agreement that neither is ready for anything serious and they will enjoy one another’s company.  Yes folks, this is the G-rated version.  My son reads my posts!!  Ah, I digress.  Back to the point: said man begins to do things that are out of the realm of agreement in a way.  If you are looking at a simple FWB situation, do you really want to meet the other person’s family, friends, even children?  Are overnighters ok?  Words like cuddle, snuggle, and no are not usually part of these scenarios.  Said female was content with the original agreement.  The gentleman involved changed the game.

All the while, this fella is looking her in the face saying, “We are cool.  Let’s hang out.  We should get to know one another.  We’re just friends”.  Ok fine and dandy.  But why does he go out of his way to make accommodations for her.  Why would he introduce HER child to a very special member of his family.  Why does he introduce her to his friends as his “main squeeze”.  Both parties claim to only be involved in that way with the other.  Is this beginning to sound like a bonafied relationships to anyone else?

Maybe I’m overthinking this.  I know I do with everything else.  It is just something baffles me.  Ahh well.  I’ve vented.  It’s now back to the regularly scheduled go with the flow presentation, which as you can tell is working out SO WELL!! hahahaha



2 thoughts on “Which is louder… Actions or Words????

  1. And this is precisely why I DO NOT believe in friends with benefits. Sex is not to be taken lightly and if both parties are NOT on the same page, sex will complicate things.

    1. Both parties say they are tw33dle. But actions are saying otherwise. That’s my precise point. You completely missed the entire point. My question was about believing actions or words!!!!!

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