Go With The Flow……

“Just go with it, see what happens”, “have patience, let it go where it goes”, “just go with the flow!”.  All sayings I hate.  Whoever came up with these should be held down, licked in the face by bears, then shot in the foot!!!!  As hard as I try, and as well as I do at times, I hate being that girl.  I am not a wait and see kind of person.  I want to know where I stand and what I am getting myself into at all times.  Limbo doesn’t work for me.

This is why I’m kind of stuck right now.  I’m totally into someone but it has been established that we are going to just see what happens.  It is killing me!  I’m doing everything in my power not to push, poke, or prod.  I must say, I’m doing a damn good job (unless he reads this that is) at having patience.  My friends will tell you I’m full of crap and from what they can see, I’m not doing so well.  But they are my venting posts.  That is what they are there for.  All of the stupid things that go through my head go in their ears instead of his! 🙂

So, as I sit vent to the world, he is somewhere going “oh crap, this chick is nuts!!”  But I’m not, well not completely.  I just do not want bs and lines fed to me on a constant basis.  And since I do not believe that is what he is doing, I am taking it day by day.  Oh the clichés that all mean the same damn thing are driving me insane.  One step at a time.  Taking it as it comes.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

See, I’m losing it.  Slowly, but surely.  Either you want me or you don’t.  Don’t they say that men know within ten minutes whether a girl is relationship material?  I want to know if that’s true.  Can someone please tell me?  If men know that, then why do they play games?  Why must they make us wait for crap?!?!  Ok, so I digress.  I just want to know already.

And before I make myself look even more nutso, I’m going to end this.  Regardless, I hope he knows that the only reason I am so out there about this is because he’s truly the most amazing man I’ve met in a long time.  Whether, we are friends or more, I hope he hangs around for a while. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Go With The Flow……

  1. I will etch this in your thick skull if it’s the last thing I do. You have told me again and again that so many of your relationships have failed. You also know why that has happened. Your need to ‘rush’ to tomorrow. There are two issues with this. One, if you push.. you risk pushing someone special out of your life and that is just not an option. (especially with this new guy) Two, if you rush into things, before you know it, today has passed you by and you didn’t even have a chance to enjoy it. Love you. xoxo

  2. Believe me or not, I know you will do what you want, but there really is danger in knowing everything at once. When you see it all (at once) you can’t sort and focus and that little feeling you get in your gut when things are not right—you won’t be able to recognize. Maybe he is “the most incredible man you’ve ever known”, and maybe he isn’t but if you push to hard you will never really know. Men can play games, yes, but they are who they are and if you relax you will see one side or the other sooner rather than later. Love you much!

    Good post, by the way, keep writing it really is the best therapy.

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