Thanksgiving Through the Generations

This year for Thanksgiving, my son, mother-in-law and myself decided to write blogs for our sites about everything we are thankful for.  My daughter also wanted to be included so we have decided to do a “through the generations” type of deal.  I urge you all to read not just mine but Dalton’s and Dee’s as well.  My son has provided some insight that is extraordinary coming from a ten year old boy.  I hope you all enjoy these three blogs as you sit and thank the Almighty for your blessings as we have done here today.

What am I thankful for?  Where do I begin?  First and foremost, I am thankful for my three beautiful children.  They are three true  gifts from God and in my mind, no one could ask for a better gift.  My oldest, Dalton, is ten and absolutely amazing.  His heart is the size of three men put together.  He cares more than almost any human I have ever seen in my life.  He’s fun loving, light-hearted, and all around a good kid.  Ellie is my Diva.  She has her moments where I could just ring her little neck, but she, too, has a heart of gold.  She seems to know when I need someone to give me a hug and tells me a thousand times a day that she loves me.  And I can never hear it enough.  Connor is my little devil.  He’s two and half and mischievous as all get out.  Just when I’m at my wit’s end, he does something that just astounds me.  He loves to sit in my lap and point out his ‘boo boos’ so I can kiss them and make them all better.  When I am done, he kisses mine and with the biggest proudest voice that could come from a two year old, he yells “All better Mommy!”  Thankful does not begin to describe what I feel for these three children.  I love them each with everything that I am and am so grateful that God chose me to give them to.

Next, there is my boyfriend Robbie.  He’s stubborn and a bit of an ass but I love him and he loves me.  He makes sure I know that he loves me and that he thinks I’m beautiful inside and out.  Robbie stepped in to take care of my, OUR, son Connor when he did not have to.  He pushes buttons that need to be pushed and as pissed off as I get, I know he means well and that he is doing what he thinks is right.  He takes care of me and with him I feel safe and know that I will always be protected.  For that, I am truly thankful that he is in my life.

I am also extremely thankful for my parents.  We live with them and as many times as they could have just said “get the hell out”, they never do.  And even though I do not say it enough or even let them know, I could not have asked for a better set of people to guide me through this life.  Every year my mother cooks a Thanksgiving meal of her own.  This is what makes her happy.  And although we have never really been a family to openly count our blessings, I believe that is what she is most thankful for; the family that she has to cook for and the blessings that are her children and grandchildren.

The next thing on my thankful list is my ‘mother-in-law’ Dee.  Through the ten years that I’ve known her, we have had so many ups and downs.  At one point, no matter how much I cared for her and she cared for me, we could not stand to be around one another (a bit of exaggeration but you see my point).  Even though her son and I are not together, I still call her my mother-in-law and I always will.  She is inspiring, beautiful, intelligent, and as I’ve noticed very recently, absolutely hilarious.  I do not believe I was mature enough to see all of that when I first met her.  I am grateful that she had patience with me and I can now call her my friend.

Lastly, in the people category, I am thankful for my wonderful friends, specifically Christine, Katherine, Heather and Tim.  Christine and I have stuck through some true messes but we are still great friends.  We can go forever without talking, but I know that if I ever need anything, she will always be there.  Kat, through all of her turmoil, takes the time to listen to me and make sure I am ok.  No matter what is going on, she honestly never ceases to amaze me that she can still care for me when she should be taking care of herself.  Heather I have known the longest.  She’s crazy and silly and just plain fun.  She always makes me smile and is always there to lend an ear.  If nothing else, she can make me laugh at nothing just to brighten my mood.  Tim is the person I have known the least amount of time but he’s a good man and a good friend.  He tries to be a good poker teacher but some of us are stubborn and refuse to listen to a Donkey! (lol)  All of these people serve a different purpose in my life and I would not trade any of them in for the world.  Good friends are hard to come by and I am grateful that God believes I deserve to have them.

To wrap this up, I have to show my gratitude for the roof over my head, the food in my belly and the love in my life.  Life is hard sometimes, it often downright sucks, but I know that it could be so much worse and that I can cross any mountain I’m faced with thanks to the wonderful people I’ve mentioned here. As you read this, please sit and think about the people and things you are grateful for.  Always remember, that no matter what life throws in your face, there is always something to be thankful for and something to remind us that life wasn’t always bad and won’t always be that way.

I now ask that you take the time to read Dalton’s, Ellie’s and Dee’s contributions.  The only one left out is Connor and I’m almost positive that if he could comprehend what being thankful means, he’d be grateful for the same family that I am and all the toys in his toy box.  Oh and Caillou; he loves that show!

Dee’s blog site is

Dalton’s blog site is

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  May you have peace, love, and family in your souls, hearts and by your sides through this Holiday Season!!!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Through the Generations

  1. I am so happy you thought of this idea. It was great in the middle of all the activity going on yesterday to sit and reflect and to share with each other. What a great lesson for your children and as you have so eloquently put it you have some amazing children and I am especially blessed to have them and you as part of my life. People come into our lives, very often, for a reason and sometimes only a season—-I can only guess that you came along first to give me grandchildren and then to become my friends. Do you remember when I said that “I don’t want to be a grandmother” and then I was bitten. (smile big)…. I know you remember. Happy Thanksgiving Amanda enjoy your day.

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