Bleeding Blue and Black

It’s November.  The Christmas season has begun, Thanksgiving is upon us, my daughter will turn eight.  It’s a beautiful time of year.  Perhaps the most exciting thing of all, aside from my daughter’s birthday, is that College Basketball season has begun!!!!!!!!!!!  I am a die-hard Duke Blue Devils fan.  I have been since I was 12 years old and my brother turned on a UVA game.  There before me on the TV screen was the most beautiful fluid motion I had ever seen.  To me, it was more beautiful than fifty ballerinas prancing in unison to some foreign composer.  The game was great and I enjoyed every second of it.  Constant action, sweat, aggression, pure unadulterated basketball!!

As I watched the game, I realized that Duke had a player that seemed to dominate three-point shots but played all around as a team player.  He passed the ball when needed, he shot, and usually made it, when he or no one else was open.  Who is this player you might ask.  He was # 11, the great Bobby Hurley!!  I mean, with a name like that, you just had to expect greatness. 😉  I realize that a person’s name is no reason to pick a team, but why do people really pick the team that they do?

I live in a UVA fan household.  My mother, father and brother: all Wahoos.  My uncle, cousins, aunt: Cavalier fans.  Three years ago, I met a man who is a UNC fan and he now lives with me too.  Needless to say, basketball season is an adventure around here.  I also have several UNC fans.  Of both of those teams, Duke seems to be the # 1 enemy.  However, I stand strong and true, and for as long as I live, during NCAA Basketball season, I will continue to bleed black and blue!!!


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