Yes, again!

I’m a die hard fan of Fox’s musical high school drama Glee.  Tuesday night, they decided to tackle the topic of religion.  The gay character Kurt was faced with handling his father’s heart attack.  The entire Glee club tried and tried to get him to pray, offered prayer, and sang spiritual songs.  Kurt fought them the whole way.  Being that he is gay and “God made me this way”, and he lost his mother at a young age, Kurt decided God did not exist.  Everyone was shocked and appalled.  How could someone have the nerve to question the existance of God?

I have admitted before I do not know if God exists or not.  I’d like to believe but sometimes it is very hard.  Here’s the part of the show that really spoke  to me.  Kurt said “I appreciate your thoughts, but I do not want your prayers”.  In a world where religion is so strongly imminent in society, why is it that non-believers are told they must respect that some believe, but no one ever tells the believers they must respect the ones who don’t believe?  It is a two way street.  Is it not?  I do not think that screaming at someone saying you must believe what I do is ever acceptable in any case.  I’ll be honest.  I do not see the big deal in calling the “Christmas Season” the holidays.  I do not understand why everyone freaks out that we do not allow religion in our schools.  Who really cares if people have to have an autumn festival instead of a Halloween Party?

I feel that this world has gone to quickly to shit because people stopped respecting one another.  Everyone is so hell bent on getting respect that they have forgotten how to give it.  I understand that people want others to respect their beliefs.  That’s fine by me.  I respect yours, now respect mine.  My issues with faith are no one’s but my own.  Nothing that you say or do is going to change that.  If and when it changes, it will happen on my own time through my own research and thought process.  I’m not saying compromise what you believe in.  I am saying this:  I understand you believe in God, but not everyone does.  If you want them to respect your faith and beliefs, have the common courtesy to respect theirs!


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