With the new television season kicking off, I’ve been watching and DVR’ing several different shows every night to try to figure out what I’ll be watching this year.  The best new show I’ve come across thus far is Mike and Molly on CBS.  This new sitcom follows two overweight individuals who meet and become smitten with one another.  They begin dating and all hell breaks loose.  It’s cute, funny, and so fitting to today’s society.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where fat is ugly and disgusting, or at least viewed as such.  Overweight people in our media are stereotyped as lonely, miserable, depressed individuals who never find love and so often don’t deserve it.  People believe that large women especially, have to settle for what man they can get because well, no good looking, well-to-do fella is ever going to snatch them up.  And if they do, we are expected to take the shit they give us because we cannot get better.  This is a bunch of bull!!

I’ve been overweight since I was nine years old.  Granted, I started dating a little later in life than most, and I use the term dating loosely.  I was fifteen before I had my first boyfriend; my friends were 12 or 13.  However, once I realized that a guy would care about more than what I looked as well as find me attractive, it was smooth sailing.  I’ve really never had any issue finding men who were interested.  Of course they were not all gems, but that’s the case with any woman.  I’ve found men who were well educated, attractive, had good jobs and who treated me with the respect and love that any woman deserves.

Mike and Molly reiterates this point.  It’s not easy for an overweight person to find love and it might be more difficult for them.  However, it’s not about that person being undeserving or unattractive.  It is about them believing they are not.  Confidence makes any person that much more attractive.   Neither character is unattractive unless you consider weight to make them so, which I personally do not!  This show allows obese individuals to chuckle at themselves for all of their quirks, but also to learn to accept who they are.

A friend of mine stated that people “should not be praised for portraying truths but punished for projecting stereotypes”.  I disagree wholeheartedly with the first half of that statement.  I believe that by portraying truth, you squash the stereotypes.  If people see overweight people in a positive light, maybe they will stop believing the negative connotations associated with being fat.  I believe this can work with any stereotype.

CBS deserves a medal for airing this show.  It is refreshing see finally see a show about people falling in love; people that are not supermodel thin and are actually normal.  If only the rest of the world and the media would jump on board!!!


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