BitterSweet, Part 2

So, we are finally moved in!! YAY!!!  I must say, I love the new house.  The air conditioning actually keeps the house cool, there are no holes in the walls, the kids and Robbie & I have our own rooms!!!   The fenced in back yard is amazing.  It’s so nice to watch the kids be able to run and play without having to worry about the little one taking off for the road or Dalton going down to the creek.  Kudos to the new digs!!

Today was the last time I will ever go to the old house.  We cleaned it up, all of our stuff is out and the keys are being returned.  It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the place.  Especially my Tweety Bird murals on my bedroom wall.  I took pictures though!!  Going to the house today of all days made me realize it’s time for a new beginning.  You see, today is my 31st birthday.  How fitting I start a new year of my life as I’m closing a large chapter in it.  Big things are coming, I can feel it.  I’m going to make it happen and love every minute of it!!!!


2 thoughts on “BitterSweet, Part 2

  1. Recently, you got me to thinking about the Bible, the classes I taught, the study groups I lead and the groups where we just got together for conversation and such. Today is your 31st birthday….how wonderful. In scripture numbers alway mean something so let’s take a look at the numbers 3 and 1: Three (3) stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete and entire—there are three great divisions completing time (past, present, future)—the simplest proposition requires threee things to complete it (subject, predicate, copula)—omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence are the three attributes of God. Three donotes divine perfection.

    One (1) excludes all difference, for there is no second with which it can either harmonise or conflict. It marks the beginning. The is no doubt why the first (1) book of the Bible is Genesis (the origin of something).

    Now the number four (4) is made up of three and one (3+1=4) and it denotes, therefore, and marks that which follows the revelation of God in the Trinity—His creative works. “In the beginning God CREATED. Creation is therefore the next thing–the fourth things, and the number four always has reference to all that is created.

    So here you are at a new beginning ready to make things happen. You have quietly let go of things in your past, you are 31 today—now in the present—and ready to move confidently into the future. But, remember this “a goal is a dream with a deadline”. Take a really good look at each of the number 3, 1 and 4 (as the total of the two). There is something there for you to discover.


    Dee (aka Nonna)

  2. Hey Mandy! I just so happened to come across your blog and got to reading…it reminded me of how much I love to read your work. No matter what you are writing about, it always draws my attention. While reading about your days w/Tommy of course it jogged a lot of old memories. I have so many stories that I could share about you. Some of them you may recall and others you probably didn’t even realize had an affect on me, but they did. You were such a huge role model for me growing up. So for that I just want to say thank you. Thanks for all the little things you may have said or done over the years and thanks for reminding me how important it is to be open w/our children and for reminding me to embark on the memories we make each day. You’ve also helped me to believe it is okay to just be myself and not to worry about what other think. So with all of that being said… I hope you had an amazing birthday, I hope you make many fond memories in your new home and I hope this new chapter in your life brings much happiness for you and your family!

    Much Love!

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