Wow, just wow!

In a world full of thousands of options of how to spend our daily time (what to watch on TV, where to go out to eat, nightclubs, leisure activities, etc.) and an economy that seems to only be slowing amidst promises to improve it, we have the entertainment industry offering more money than you can shake a stick at to people making asses of themselves. I believe the world needs entertainment however, these people make way too much money. With everything that they get paid on an annual basis, the national debt could be wiped out! Case in point: MTV®’s Jersey Shore. The cast of this show (if you can call it that) makes $30k per episode. Season two consists of 12 episodes making their pay $360k in about three months. It is absolutely sad that as a nation, we have subjected ourselves to this many hours of mindless entertainment to make these “Guidos/Guidettes” worth over $2 million as a whole. Essentially, acting like or being a slut, spending countless hours getting drunk every week and being overly tanned is a hot commodity in this world. Aren’t these the exact people that we judge as being ‘beneath us’ in normal life? Why is it ok when you put them on TV? It’s not! This car crash that has become one of the leading reality shows in the free world is condoning the behavior we convince our children to stay away from. Aside from the fact that they’ve taken a demeaning stereotype (keep in mind, only half of them are actually Italian) and made it popular, these kids take tacky to an entire new level. Snooki gets punched in the face (and while in no way condone violence against women); I’d like to shake the hand of the guy who did it considering I would love to have had the opportunity. The Situation and Pauly D go through scores of women and ditch them after they’ve gotten what they want. Snooki (she’s a winner) is shown dancing in a club showing everything God gave her, thank goodness the viewers only had to see the blurred box!! The only high point of the show was the romance that developed between Sami and Ronnie. And well, that crashed and burned in an awful way in the reunion episode. Is the Jersey Shore completely to blame? Absolutely not. Yes, they could be a little more respectful of themselves, but they’ve taken their life and made money off of it. Everyone’s got to make a living somehow, I suppose. So, who is to blame? The American public. Are we that bored that we find a group of promiscuous, drunk, shallow individuals so intriguing? What we’ve done as a nation is tell these, for lack of a better term, fools, that their lifestyle is one of fascination and appeal. If that’s the case, I wish someone would’ve told me I could make hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting drunk, sleeping around and throwing my fist in the air!!! That’s the easiest job in the world!


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